New players with the first registration recieve 10€ PROMO.


Promotion is valid thru 30.04.2023

In order for a player to receive a 30€ promo it must have 5 poker games of min. 5 hours each

After this condition is fulfilled the player will receive 30€ for every game with min. 5 hours on the
next day

In any case of dispute the Management decision is final


1. The “Bad Beat” shall apply to the game of Texas Hold’em and Omaha

2. A maximum of 1€ will be collected per hand when the POT is 30€ or more.

3. A hand to be considered for the “Bad Beat”:
• A minimum of four (4) players must be dealt in the hand
• The pot must be a minimum 30€ or more and must be played to showdown
• Both the winning and losing hands must use both of their hole cards and
three cards from the board
• For Four-of-a-Kind both the winning and losing hand must contain a pocket

4. In the case of a “Bad Beat”, The winning hand will receive 25% of the
jackpot, the losing hand 50%, and the rest of the table that were active in the
beginning of the hand will receive 25%.

5. On Texas Hold’em, “Bad Beat” is paid out when a minimum hand of max
Full House (AAAKK) is beaten by a higher hand.

6. On Omaha Hold’em, “Bad Beat” is paid out when a minimum Four of a Kind
Jack’s (JJJJ2) is beaten by a higher hand.

7. Table Games supervisory personnel will verify the players hand qualifies for
the “Bad Beat.”

8. In the event two or more tables qualify for the “Bad Beat” at the same time,
the jackpot will be equally split between each table.

9. Players who received cards at the beginning of the hand qualify for the Bad

10. Under all circumstances the decision of Poker Management is FINAL.


High Hand Bonus

3 x 150 €

Promotion times
Sun 02:00 – Fri 02:00 for weekdays award 150€
Fri 02:00 – Sat 02:00 for Friday award 150€
Sat 02:00 – Sun 02:00 for Saturday award 150€

Aces Full House AAA22 will be the minimum starting hand
needed to collect high hand prize

In case of No winning hand award transfers to the following